Friday, December 12, 2008

December Already??

Man-oh-man... where has the time gone? Rich and I have been busy with planning and thankfully we are getting close to having most stuff done. And it's Decemeber. I love this time of year and the lights and cheer :)

We went to Trans Siberian Orchestra last week which is always a highlight for me. The lights, music, and excitement. I've gotten to the point, that it really isn't Christmas time until I see TSO. This year was extra special because Mom and Grace joined us. It was their first time seeing it, and their reactions made it more exciting for me. To add to that, the night was even better as we celebrated my mom's birthday. A milemarker in her life - but she probably won't want to be sharing that she just turned 25 (hehe.... well maybe not 25).

Updates from Rich's post:
We did decide on a florist -- but we still need to tell them.

We've also selected our officiant. What a character this man is! The Saturday we met him, he starts be telling us that if we're meeting with him, then we don't want a traditional wedding (true, we don't). He tells us his ideas fr our wedding and tells us about his past and who he is. After all that, we decided he's our guy: seems a little rough around the edges, but as warm and friendly as you can imagine! And his fee goes to his foundation that works in Latin and South American teaching people English and job skills (LOVE IT!!) and his tip for the day of the wedding.... a bottle of single malt scotch, no younger than 15 yrs... that's our kind of guy, so long as he drinks it after the ceremony.

Invitations - we found some cardstock we like and now have to think about wording for the invitations and perhaps try a few different printers... maybe even check out what Kinkos would charge. Definitely don't want to spend lots on money on something people will most likely throw away after the event.