Friday, March 20, 2009

Busy Season is in Full Effect

I love my job, but right now I'm ready for March 31 to be here. Most of my clients have March 31 filing deadlines and that means my life is rather busy. In the past 5 weeks, I have been in Raleigh, NC, Anderson & Indianapolis, IN, Pueblo, CO and Boulder, CO working on various audits. During this I have found a new love for being at home.

Speaking of home. Our house is great. We still have boxes everywhere, unpacking to do, furniture to arrange, and cleaning, but we love it. Rich said its starting to feel like home for him and I once my traveling subsides, I will feel at home as well. Last weekend we did what true homeowners do - yardwork. Rich wants to start a garden but we have weeds all over the back so he was busy trying to pull them out. I was busy in the front with racking the wood pellets which blow out of their area in the wind. We know we have a lot of work a head of us before getting the yard in the condition we want it - but it's something he enjoys. While yardwork isn't my favorite - I view it as an investment in our house and I'm willing to do my share of the work as it's only fair.

This weekend I hope to do some much needed cleaning throughout the house. Last night was my first night to really use the kitchen and man-o-man, to continue with the previous owner's not cleaning - the inside of the oven is a disaster. I've never actually cleaned an over, so I'll be learning this weekend. If the house doesn't burn down - it'll be a success.

(Disclaimer - yes the first time I really used the kitchen was this week, but this week is also my first week of not traveling, so I'm really not that much of a slacker. I will say that Rich has cooked for me 2-3 times already).

Pictures - I would love to post some, but Rich has them all on his camera and I haven't downloaded them yet. Hopefully soon.

I have to say, I love coming home to my soon-to-be husband in the evenings.. especially when he has a glass of wine waiting as well :)