Friday, September 30, 2016

8 Months of Little Miss!

Today we celebrate 8 months of our baby girl.

She fits in perfectly with the flow of our family and we're so lucky that she's easy going. She loves getting to explore the house as she crawls everywhere, but fusses when she's done. She knows that she can get Mommy to pick her up pretty easily.

She loves to say "hi" to Daddy in the mornings and "sneak-up" on him in the shower to say hello! She loves getting to pet the kitty and in actually pretty gentle with him. Big brother is by far her favorite and when she wakes up in the morning, she immediately looks for him, She'll stop nuring if she hears him coming and gives him the biggest grin. She does "happy hands" where she claps/rubs her hands together whenever she is happy. Sometimes she also does "happy feet."

She can sleep either on the go or in her crib (thank goodness since we keep busy with brother) and is very social.

P-pa came to visit for a few days this month and everyone loved the time with him. Many cat vidoes were watched and rules bent.

Other highlights:
- wears size 2 diapers
- wears 6 or 9 month clothes
- puts everything in her mouth. She's eaten some paper that I didn't catch,
- Love tennis shoes shoestrings - makes a beeline for them in the house. Also loves to chew on my flip-flops. (I've brought out a never worn pair for her to nom-nom on).
- any toy that Adrian has, she wants
- if a coffee cup is nearby, she will get it
- she's pulling up on us when we play on the floor
- loves to explore the bathroom in the morning while I get ready
- eating is her favorite
- girlfriend loves her paci (more than Adrian did) and her elephant. She's also adopted one of Adrian's monkey's as well

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Isabelle is 6 & 7 Mths

It's amazing that 6 months ago, I was snuggling my little baby while watching the Broncos' victory parade and now she's sitting up and eating solids!

At 6 Months:
- Weighs 14lbs 8 oz (20%) and is 27" tall (89%)
- Wears size 2 diapers
- Wears 3-6 month & 6 month clothes
- Sits very well
- Loves the exercauser and any electronic
- Started solids on her 6 month birthday and LOVED it
- sleeps on her tummy, side, or with her bottom in the air - never on her back although we always put her down that way
- continues to loose 1 paci a night - I think she throws it when shes done
- loves her bath time. She really just started to splash and play in the bath. Even better when Adrian takes a bath with her - they have a blast
- loves the pool - she takes a swim and then a nap
- hates to have her face whipped

And now it's 7 Months:
- Started Crawling on 9/1/2016
- Wears size 2 diapers
- Wears 6 mth clothes. I've put her in some 9 month jammies and they are a tad big, but she's so long that it's nice to have the space
-LOVES to eat. Thus far she's had - Rice cereal, Squash, Carrot, Sweet Potatoe, Grean Beans, Peas, Prunes, Apples, Bananas, and Peaches.
- Loved the pool this summer
- loves any animal that will come close to her

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Isabelle is 4 Months Old

Isabelle is 4 months old and we continue to love life with 2 kiddos.

Isabelle rolled from her stomach to her back on Sat 5/28 at home for the first time! Rich and I were so excited. She loves to be around people and won't let us eat dinner at the table without her. We used to let her play in the jungle while we ate, but she now wants to be with the family. Generally shes fine sitting in her teddy boucy chair, but some nights she wants to be held.

Isabelle had her 4 month appointment on 5/31. She weighed 12lbs 13oz (21%) and was 25.25 inches long (81%). She is tall and slender like Daddy and big brother!

Isabelle is:
- wears size 1 diapers
- wears size 3 month clothes
- sleeps from 7/730pm - 615am with a dreamfeed at 1030/11pm
- swaddled for sleeping still
- only takes her paci occassionally - sometimes she doesn't want it to fall asleep. She still struggles to get
- LOVES big brother
- loves to swing side to side with Daddy
- facinated with Khan. If he's around and her eyes find her - she will track him and "talk" to him. She would love to get ahold of his tail to taste. Khan on the other hand, always makes sure he is not within reaching distance
- chats all the time with us
- started having a rash on her shoulders - hoping its not exzema.
- loves sitting at the table with us at dinner
- will put weight on her legs when I'm holding her
- Big toothless grins!
- Starting to show signs of teething - drooling
- enjoys the outdoors
- first pool visit 6/3 and 6/5!

For Mothers' Day this year - we had everyone over to our house and grilled salmon. The kiddos got me flowers and daycare gifts.

P-pa and Gamma visited May 21-23 and we all had a great time with them.

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

It's a Girl - Isabelle Lindsey - Birth Story

Now that she's 12 weeks old, I should probably write down her birth story.

Some quick background - Due to my c-section with Adrian, our doctor said I was a great candidate for a VBAC.... so long as everything went perfectly! Also, he didn't want me to go much past my due date and would not induce me. So if "Dos" wasn't born by my 40 week appointment (the Monday following my due date), we would schedule another c-section.

I was due on January 30, 2016. At our 39 week appointment on Janaury 25th there was no signs of labor beginning. Really no contactions were happening and my cervix wasn't opened at all! At that appointment we decided to schedule a c-section and our doctor told us he would look at the hospital's schedule and give us a call.

Well after the appointment, Richard and I discussed it some more and decided to give Dos one more weekend before we scheduled anything. Our doctor (who is extremely supportive) thought that was a great idea! I finished up the week and work and my supervisor and VP told me not to come back on Monday ("enjoy the time until baby comes"). I left work with a clean desk expecting to have a c-section the next week because still nothing was happening.

Richard and I had our normal Friday night date night scheduled and decided to go to a movie since it would be the last one for a while. We left Adrian with Noni and off we went with the usual, "love you Adrian, see you in the morning." We went to Tokyo Joe's for dinner and then headed to Cinnebar to watch "The 5th Wave." As we sat down in the theater, I noticed some mild cramping but this was nothing unusual, so I didn't say anything to Richard. The previews started and the cramping continued (again nothing too bad). As the previews were ending though, I had a coughing fit and my water broke (755pm)! I leaned over to Rich:

S - I think my water just broke.
R - Are you sure?
S - Yep, pretty sure. Or I just peed myself A LOT!
R - Why don't you go to the bathroom and check?
S - Ok

And we packed up. Walking out of the theater, contractions started intensely and I had to stop half-way to the bathroom and hold onto the wall. (Rich had gone to tell the theather people what had happened, and wasn't with me). I verified that my water did indeed break... I mean my pants were SOAKED all the way to my knees.... and it was time to go to the hospital. Rich came back and found me leaning against the wall again (contraction) and off we went. Thankfully we had to forsight to ask for a trash bag for his seat - it would have been ruined had we not.

On the way to the hospital, Rich called the doctor and asked me to tell him when a contraction started.... they were 3 minutes part. Neither one of us could believe it! We got to the hospital's ER enterance, walked in, and the ladies at the front desk took one look and me and said "Yep, she's definitely in labor." At which point I burst into tears. They brought a wheelchair and up we went to labor and delivery. All the rooms were full or being cleaned when we arrived, so they took us to the same recovery room that we had been in after Adrian was born and got me hooked up. Already 3 cm dialated at 830pm! Richard called my mom and told her what was happening and asked if she could spend the night with A and then called my sister to bring us the hospital bag (that was at home rather than in the car). About an hour later we were transferred to our room. Upon arriving there, the contractions were about 2 minutes apart and quite intense. I told Rich that I couldn't keep up with this pace and needed the epidural! About that time, I also threw-up all my dinner while having contractions.... but after that, the contractions slowed back done to every 3-4 minutes. I got the epidual and was much happier! Grace and Kyle came by with the bag and chatted for a while. We all laughed that of course I would go into labor during date night. At 1030p, G&K left and the nurse checked me again and I was at 7cm! They told me to get some sleep and they would check back. I really didn't sleep much due to acid reflux and maybe got an hour. At 2am, I was fully dialated! We decided to let me "labor down" for an hour before pushing. Only problem was, the machine to track contractions wasn't registering any and I couldn't feel any! So we turned down the epidural and Dr Yeash had to help me manually feel the contractions. We tried everything, but nothing worked to get the machine to pick them up, so it was time to push (315am) and I had to do it all by feel - no one could help by telling me when was one was coming. After 40 minutes of pushing, our daughter was born at 355am! We had requested that Richard be the one to tell me if it was a boy or girl, so baby comes out and Dr Yeash looks at Richard and says - "So?..." and Richard, in his 4am daze, looks and said "It's a Girl?" Definitely said it as a question - haha! We were both thrilled!! She was immediately put on my chest where she was free to nurse as she wanted. She barely cried and immediately relaxed into me. The nurses were a little concerned about not crying, but eventually she did and the nurses were fine. They were able to do much of the testing and cleaning with her on me... she did poop on me (little stinker!)

Daddy holding his baby girl for the first time!

The next morning - suggling with the baby

After her birth, I learned that I had significant tearing and had a spider vein burst while I was pushing. Dy Yeash had to spend 2 hours sewing me up and could not get one tear to stop bleeding, so had to call in a vascular surgeon. Eventually, they got me all sewed up, but had to "pack the area" with gauze and leave it there for 6 hours to help with the bleeding. While they were sewing me up, Rich called/texted the family.
Meeting Noni

After 2 hours, they took Baby Girl to be weighed and measured - 8lbs 8oz and 21.5 inches long! Perfect! Richard got to hold her for a bit then we all crashed at 615am. I slept until 730 am and baby girl was ready to eat again.

Like with Adrian, we didn't finalize her name for 24 hours... but we were pretty sure it would be Isabelle. Her middle name took forever to decide on and we ulimately let Adrian decide (between Lindsey, Sophia, or Paige - otherwise he would have chosen something like Carter or Spiderman).

Ready to go home

Isabelle and I stayed one night at the hospital and we decided to go home on Sunday before a big snowstorm hit. Saturday night I send Richard home so he could be with Adrian!

Baby Girl at home

Isabelle - 2 & 3 Months

Wow... so she'll be 3 months on Saturday, so I better write down her 2 month stats so I don't forget:

At her 8 week appointment, Isabelle weighed 10lbs 10 oz (30%) and was 24" long (97%).

At 2 months:
- Isabelle wears size 1 diapers
- Wears size 3M clothes
- Eats every 3 hours starting at 630am
- Started smiling!
- I declared her officially sleeping through the night at 8 weeks (though she sometimes wakes jsut to suck on something)
- Bedtime is between 730 and 8 pm with a dreamfeed at 1030p or 11p
- Still sleeping in the bassinet next to Mommy
- Continues to have a bottle at night with Daddy

At 3 months:
- Smiles
- LOVES her big brother. She lights up when she sees him and tracks him around the room. The love is mutual - Adrian adores Isabelle and is so excited when he can get her to smile
 - Coos and talks to us!
- Started daycare on 4/25
- Loves her jungle and teddy seat. She has times where she tells us to put her down (don't hold me - I want to play)
- Found her hands and the kitty
- Enjoys her bath, but HATES getting out and having lotion put on
- Does great in the car seat and will generally fall asleep. This is great since we have a long drive to daycare (25 mins)
- Still sleeping in the bassinet next to Mommy

During my last 3 weeks of maternity leave, I noticed that Isabelle only wanted to eat from the right side, so I started going to a lactation group to have her weighed... while this was good, it initally caused more stress since their scale is different from our doctors. The difference in scale showed that she only gains 1 oz in 5 days (yikes) I took her to the doctor the next day (9 weeks old) and she weighted 10 lbs 15oz ( a gain of 4 oz during the week). Much better and I was relieved. I started to feed her on the left side first everytime and then the right and she eats just fine.

Thursday, March 3, 2016

Isabelle - 1 month

wears size 1 diapers
outgrew newborn clothes at 3.5 weeks
wears 0-3/ 3 month clothes
wakes once during the night
sucks on her fingers
always happy unless she's tired
smiled at daddy on 3/3
has a little headcold and will sneeze twice then coo
loves to snuggle
loves hanging out in her jungle
swaddle for all naps/sleeping
eats every 3 hours during the day
Adrian adores her - "my baby" "precious baby girl" "awe baby girl" "too little to go to Sandi's"

Thursday, September 10, 2015

Big Brother Adrian!

As always, it's been a long time. But happy news to share - Adrian will be a big brother in January! I'm 20 weeks along and baby is perfect - we could not be happier. We also bought a new house!

I had a few blog posts drafted, but never posted them. One was about our miscarriage last year. I feel as though I should spend a brief bit of time discussing it. Last October, we went in for our first pre-natal appointment only to find that the baby was measuring small, no movement, and no heartbeat. We lost our child and with that a piece of our hearts. We'll never know the gender or what was wrong. I think coming off that experience, we've been slow to share the news of a new baby and definitely had anxiety the first trimester. 

With this baby, whom P-pa has decided to call "Dos," we had bloodwork done at 10 weeks and Baby's DNA is perfect. We could have found out the gender, but have decided to wait until the birth. Off subject, but how amazing is it that science has progressed to the point where it can isolate Baby's DNA from my blood!

With that, I'll start doing some pregnancy updates as I have enjoyed those from Adrian. 

20 Weeks Along ... 1/2 Way

This pregnancy is flying by and luckily I have felt great. Like Adrian, I didn't have any morning sickness, but am already experiencing acid reflux. My baby bump definitely pooped out eariler than last time (as I expected), and I'm already feeling baby move (starting at 18 weeks). I'm still doing BodyPump 1-2 days a week and feel great. I spent the first trimester exhausted. Seriously, I would Adrian to bed at 7pm and then myself to bed by 7:30/8pm most nights. So far in the second trimester, I've had more energy but still like a nap or early bedtime a few days a week. I've also gained 10 pounds so far - right on schedule for the 30 pound "goal"

size of baby?
Baby is about 10 1/2 oz now and 10 inches from head to heel. About the size of a banana. This week marks the change from measuring head to bottom to measuring head to heel :) 

what's going on in there?

Baby is practicing swallowing and is now producing meconium (black poo that is first seen with new borns).

maternity clothes? 

Yep - I started pretty early on the maternity pants and shorts. I can still get away with some non-maternity shirts, but I'm going for comfort these days. Thus far I've only bought 1 pair of jeans and 1 pair of shorts. I'm sure I'll be buying more, but I still have all the maternity clothes from my pregnancy with Adrian. 

stretch marks? 

I don't think I have any new ones. Some developed after Adrian was born, but honestly, they don't bug me. I'm putting lotion on a few days a week but not worrying about it.


Baby is a mover - just like big borther!

food cravings? 

Bananas, sweets, mexican food!

anything making you queasy or sick? 


what I miss? 

It's my favorite time of year for fall beers - so I'm missing the pumpkin beers and a glass of wine after a long day


Thankfully, no.


Sporting a little baby bump and acid reflux

labor signs? 

No - and hopefully not for a while



belly button in or out?

In, but starting to flatten out

wedding rings on or off? 

On - haven't started swelling yet


I'm a professional sleeper! I hate having to sleep on my sides, but it's not preventing me from sleeping. 

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