Tuesday, April 14, 2009

It's really happening

We got it .... the first RSVP to the wedding!! It seems that receiving that in the mail really helped me realize that the wedding is 2 months. I loved that I got to be the one to open the mailbox last night and see it in there....I'm not sure Rich is as excited about it as I am. I can't wait to check tonight.

On a different thought - I was making our traditional green bean casserole for Easter dinner at Nana's this weekend and Rich says "You should have extra bought ingredients. That way we can make more..." Who knew he liked the casserole that much! Luckily for him I did get the family size and we have leftovers. I'll be adding this recipe to the "list" of foods we can easily make and both really like. It was so nice to be cooking in my kitchen this weekend in my home, though it did really make me feel like a grown-up, especially with Rich outside working on making the yard look good. Dog urine and poo which is not picked up is NOT good for the yard -- thank you precious owners! We also have this weed which Richard has never seen which has infested most of the back yard. He says it'll take 2-3 YEARS before it looks the way he wants it to.... Really?? Its a yard... grass grows... well I trust that our (cough**his**cough) yard will be the best on the block when he's done.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Wedding Update

Family invitations are out! YAY.

We just got our tax return(s) this week and have some plans for what to do with it ...
- bedroom furniture :) I would love to get this sooner rather than later, that way I can free up some space in the closet for Richard to put his shoes in the shoe spot. I also think it will help to have a finished look in the room.
- new fence :( not really wanting to spend $$ this way, but we desperately need a new one. I can home last night and one panel was completely off the posts.
- Other home buys: Lawn mower - someday soon