Thursday, September 3, 2009

Recent Reflections

In the last week, I feel as though many people have asked us "how's married life?" Well its good - but it is really no different. If anything, we spend less time together than we did before we were married. Not because we don't want to be around eachother, but because we are more secure in us. We get to hang-out together often - and I love it! Our schedules don't always allow us to get to see the "best" of the other, but I love what we do get.

I love kissing a still sleeping Richard every morning before I leave for work, getting home first and starting dinner or doing something around the house, kissing him goodnight as he watches the game or reads his textbook. I used to love going to bed in the darkness of my bedroom, but now, I almost need the light on - cuz I know he'll come to bed and turn it off. I know that he'll check that the door is closed and locked and for some reason, that makes me feel safe.

So looking back on our 2.5 months of marriage - I know that I long for our marriage to be one that honors eachother and the values we share together. I think we're doing that well now and I pray that we continue to do so.

Rich starts school this week to get his master's degree. I'm so proud of him for starting the jounrey, but we both know that we have years of classes, projects, and finals ahead of him. While I can't speak for him, I think we're both standing at the base of this mountain wondering what it will bring. We know that it can be done, but it's a long climb, especially with one class at a time. He will have to put in the hard work required to pass while working full time. I can't do the work for him, but I find myself wondering how I can ease some of the pressure/work/stress that comes from taking this on. How can I support him the most in this new stage of our live together?