Thursday, October 29, 2009


This is my backyard and the front of my house today after 26 inches of snow! I can't remember the last time that we got this much snow so early in the season.

Richard woke up early yesterday (and for him that's HUGE) to shovel the driveway for me so I could get to work on time. Then we both did 2 shifts of shoveling this morning and then again this morning. I opted to make today a work from home day! But Rich had to go to class.

Love the beauty of the snow!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

My Husband ... The Farmer

Quick shout out to my husband ... his hard work out in our garden all summer long, we now have over 225 tomatoes! and 12 Green Peppers!

Richard worked tirelessly out in the garden, watering, providing vitamins, and singing lullabyes (.. well maybe not). He loves to garden and we are totally reaping the rewards. I wish I had been thinking and taken a picture of him and his garden before we harvested. The tomato plants were over 6.5 feet all and eventually due to being top heavy all fell over. With the cold nights last wewek and more expected this week, we decided to harvest over the weekend.

Did you know that to help tomatoes which are not ripe to ripen, you're supposed to wrap in newspaper and put them in a cool, dark area??? Really! When Richard told me this, I had to call BS - they're plants and plants need the sun, right? Nope - I was wrong. But then again I was raised in a house full of black thumbs.... my Nana can grow anything, but sadly that wasn't passed to Mom and well Dad hates all things dirty, including dirt for gardening. So no gardening happened at my house.

Last night, Richard shared with me a favorite treat of his from childhood - Fried Green Tomatoes. No, not the movie - the actual frying of non-ripe tomatoes. Yummy!