Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Christmas Time is Here

(Not my house, nor my tree)

Merry Christmas!

We've almost finished all the shopping and wrapping and are looking forward to the days ahead spent with Family. I think we've finally got the schedule nailed down and it doesn't look too horrific!

Christmas Eve Day:
  • Good family friends - Richard is really just another one of their kiddos!
  • StepDad-in-laws' sisters' party! - should be a good time with good peps

Christmas Day:
  • Home - just us to start. We are newlyweds! and want to relax a little. I'm thinking a nice breakfast together and then presents... of course the cats will want to play
  • Grandma D's - Richard's mom's side of the fam
  • Philip & Teresita's house - Richard's dad's side of the fam and other good fam friends
  • My Nana & Boo's house - My Mom's side of things

Day After Christmas:
  • Hockey game with Dad and Jen to celebrate with them!

This year we bought an artificial tree - 9 feet tall, LARGE diameter, and multi-colored lights! I love(d) it. But didn't realize how big the base was until after we put it up (oops - sorry honey). We loved it for the first 5 minutes - until the first strand of lights went out, unlighting the entire tree -- my BRAND NEW tree. So we went with it. It was only at the bottom and if I just bipassed that strand, the tree would light. Then a second strand went out - right in the mid-section of the tree. Sad day.

So after Christmas (since I want it up for Christmas), we'll be returning the tree, getting a full refund and then trying again. Perhaps there will be some good clearance trees?? If not, there is always next year!

What are your plans?