Sunday, April 4, 2010

New Learnings of Marriage

During the last 3 months, its been busy season for me. Which means a minimum of 11 hour days but really more like 13-14 hours, so my time with Richard has been limited to the 15 minutes after I get home in the evenings before I crash from exhaustion and any weekend time that isn't filled with other commitments. We are ready for a vacation!! but more on that soon....

This weekend while talking with my family, Richard mentioned how hard it has been on him to not have me around in the evenings. I think I knew this in the back of my mind - but wow, I hadn't really considered it. I've been too busy trying to get through the week to see the light at the end of the busy season tunnel, that I missed this important aspect. Last year, while we were living together busy season didn't really affect us. Since we moved into the house in March, then I traveled for 2 straight weeks, we didn't miss out routine b/c we didn't have one. Since we hadn't lived together before, there was no missing the other in the evenings. This year has been a whole different story: now we've become used to making dinner together, playing with the cats, and watching some re-run, or Big Bang Theory (LOVE that show!!) Richard put it great tonight - it's almost like we have to re-learn eachother every week and re-establish our routines. So now I'm pondering how to be a wife first, then an auditor?

We've done really well with having a weekly date night - just us! Spend some time together discussing our weeks and what's going on in the world that we live.

Richard did mention that this year has been harder b/c there are joint decisions that need to me made and with me not around in the evenings and unavailable during the days to chat on the phone, it has been tough. Add to that, that we're both exhausted on the weekends. If I don't have to work on Saturday, then its the cleaning and chores around the house that need to be done.

I have to say though, my husband is amazing! He takes care of me and the house in ways that I don't necessarily notice and for that, I am greatly appreciative.

How do people have time for jobs and families? Gosh, we've both pondered what life will look like when we're ready to be parents... its a ways off, but pondering.

On a happy note - we've booked our 1st Anniversary trip to Europe! My mom is incredibly generous and donated miles for us to use to get over there. So we're going to Paris , Prague and Rome! We both so desperately need a vacation!