Thursday, December 8, 2011

32 Weeks with Photos(!) & Thanksgiving re-cap

More pictures are below - but here is a comparison of some points throughout my pregnancy:

Holy Cow! I cannot believe that we have only 8 weeks before meeting Baby!

For Thanksgiving this year, Rich and I flew out to see my dad and Jen. A great trip and no issues on the plane with baby! The doctor had me take a children's aspirin before the flight to thin my blood and Rich let me have the aisle seat so that I could get up and walk during the flight. With his long legs - that was very nice of him to do :) Have I mentioned just how great my husband is! He's everything I could ever want. Dad grilled the turkey again and it was as moist as ever - Jen made her "nasties" (mashed potatoes) which are truly fabulous! We had all the traditional fixings and loved every bite.

The semester is finally winding down for Rich and after next week, he won't be so crazy with school! Perhaps we can start talking baby names and getting the nursery more in order. We're having his graduate student colleges over on Saturday night for a little Christmas get together - so I've been decorating, baking cookies, and now I just need to clean the house so that it feels more presentable.

Ok the 32 week update:

How far along? 32 Weeks

Size of the baby? Baby weighs 3.75lbs and is approx 16.7 inches long.

Maternity Clothes? Oh yes! There are still a few non-maternity stuff that I can wear, but that's getting pretty limited

Gender? Surprise! Although my Nana is claiming that we know Baby's sex and are not sharing (haha!) I promise - we don't know. I couldn't keep that a secret.

Movement? All the time- I love watching my belly move with the Baby

Sleep? Not great, but it could always be worse

Cravings? Pears! Those have recently become a favorite - though they have to be soft and juicy

Symptoms? Acid reflux.. still. I'm really getting tired of dealing with it

Exercise? At least once a week

Weight Gain? 21-22 lbs (yikes) - I go to the doctor tomorrow and will get a true amount

Best Moment of the Week? I've had many good moments this week - but decorating the Christmas tree with Rich was definitely my favorite!

25 Weeks

26 Weeks

27 Weeks

28 Weeks and Baby's first wedding!

29 Weeks

Thanksgiving - 30 weeks

31 Weeks!