Thursday, May 3, 2012

12 Weeks Old

I've been meaning to to a post about Adrian every few weeks, but life with a baby does mean a change of when free time is available.

Adrian will be 12 weeks tomorrow and I cannot believe how fast the time has gone.

At his last doctor's appointment (8 weeks), Adrian was 24" long (93%) and weighed 12# 2oz (54%), up from his birth stats of 21" long and 8# 3oz on 2/10/12.

- is wearing size 1 diapers (started really wearing them at about 7-8 weeks)
- eats every 3 hours during the day starting at ~615am
- wears clothing sizes 0-3 months and 3 months
                                                                (Easter Sunday nap)

- outgrew newborn clothes quickly (about 4 weeks old). He was just too long to fit into them.
- starting at 10 weeks, he sleeps through the night. Bedtime is 8pm and then I'll dreamfeed him at 1030p and he'll sleep until about 615am! We love getting a full nights sleep again.
- has been sleeping in his crib since he was 8 weeks old. Everyone is sleeping better since the switch.
- has been smiling for a long time (probably about 4-5 weeks old)
- has been laughing for the past few weeks. The kiddos at daycare love to make him laugh.
- talks and coos to us
- has his best time of day first thing after he eats, and between 4-6pm.
- loves his teddy bear bouncy seat
- has found both his hands and loves to stick his whole fist in is month
- has started drooling while sucking his fists
- loves seeing Daddy!

- loves SuperBaby
- starting seeing the cats this week
- started daycare on 4/19 and is doing great with Sandi. I also went back to work on the 19th.
- doesn't mind riding in the car
- only gets fussy when something is wrong. Once we fix it, he's a happy baby again. Of course, he gets fussy when its bedtime
- only takes a paci to help him fall asleep. He has learned our trick of only giving it to him at nap/bed time and will fight us for about a minute, then he loves his paci and will drift right off.