Friday, June 22, 2012

4 months (19 weeks)

Adrian is 4 months old now and doing amazing! He rolled over for the first time on Monday 6/18 but I was the only one around to see it. On Wed he rolled at my mom's house and everyone got to see it. Daddy was especially excited. We all cheered and scarred him a bit. Sorry baby!

We had his 4 month appointment a week ago. He weighs 14 lbs, 11.5oz (31%) and is 25 inches long (72%). He had his vaccines and boy has this week been a tough one. We're not sure if its due to the shots or  just being a baby, but Adrian went on a nursing strike earlier this week, then hasn't slept great for the past 2 nights. We think he may be over-tired, so we're going to move his bedtime to 745 tonight and 730 for the weekend. Hopefully this works!

Getting ready for the pool!

Since my last post, the pools have opened up and we've taken Adrian twice - I didn't get any pics on my phone, so I'll have to download them later. He really likes the pool. He's a little nervous at first, but we hug him tight and he relaxes after about 5 minutes. He's an outdoor baby! We did some re-landscaping in our yard and he loves being out there with us.

For Mother's day, we did brunch at my mom's house and just relaxed! Adrian got Momma a Kohls giftcard and a Container Store gift card. He already knows that Mommy likes to organize!

For Father's day this year, we went on a mini hike, brunch at Mt Vernon, and tracked down the Bison herd in Genesee. Adrian got Daddy a new shirt and a home depot gift card.

My Dad (T-pa) is visiting and getting to see how much Adrian has changed since March when he was here last. Jen and Jess come tomorrow and we can't wait to see them. The last time they saw Adrian, he was 1 day old and has changed quite a bit :)

At 4 months:
- wears size 2 diapers at home and size 1 at daycare (she's trying to use the rest)
- wears size 3 month clothing and can fit into some 0-3 month but not much. I think he's ready for some3-6 month oneies.
-Starting to roll!
-Loves to sit on laps with assistance
T-pa came to visit!

-Loves his Daddy and Momma. Daddy plays great!
-Will put weight on his legs when I'm holding him.
-Big toothless grins!
-Starting to show signs of teething
Hangin' with Dad in bed
-Still 100% breastfed
-Attentive to his surroundings. Loves to take it all in. I think he's like Dad here and very inquisitive.
-Loves being outside