Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Little Man is 6 Months!

Our little man turned 6 months old over the weekend and to celebrate, he got his first ear infection and is now on antibiotics. Not awesome - he does not enjoy taking his 5ml twice a day and Mom and Dad do not enjoy that it's a bright orange color. Who decided that bright orange was a good idea for a color of medicine that infants will drool out, spit out, and otherwise make a mess of??

  Thanks Nanasita for the 6 Month B-day Excersaucer! I love it!!

Onto bigger better moments, Adrian weighed in at 16lbs 8ozs (30%) and is 28.5 inches long (99%)! Doctor said he looks great other than the eczema. He's got it all over and it looks terrible. Our doctor recommended adding water softener to his bath water (Calgon), and its starting to show improvement. We also need to lather on a lotion to help. Until then, Little Man will be wearing long sleeves and pants so he doesn't itch his skin too much. Of course Friday at the doctor's office, he was fine and woke up Saturday with his right ear looking bad - so back to the office. Our doctor thinks that Adrian was itching his ear due to the eczema, opened the skin and the bacteria got in to cause a staff infection.

6 months = solid food and Adrian LOVES it! He was definitely ready for the rice cereal and leans forward to "help" you feed him. He also tries to grab the bowl cause we are way to slow at getting the good stuff into his mouth. He still is thrusting (pushing out with his tongue first), but getting much better each time. We've noticed a huge improvement from Friday night to Sunday night. Here are some pics from the first feeding

At 6 months:
- Wearing a size 2 diaper during the day and a size 3 overnight
- Wears 3-6, and 6 month clothes. I just boxed up most of his Newborn to 3 month clothes.
- Sits by himself
- Loves his monkey
- Loves playing peek-a-boo with Dada
- Jabbers all the time.
- Makes raspberry noises and says mamamamama
- Sleeps 10-10.5 hours at night. Goes to bed between 730/8pm and wakes up at 6am. Usually he sleeps through the night, but being sick and shots always mess that up for a few nights.
- Generally gets in two, 2 hour naps: 9-11am and 2-4pm
- He eats 8-10 oz at 6am, 2-3 oz at 830am, 10 oz at 1230pm, 2-3 oz at 430pm and 6-10oz at 630pm (28-36 ounces of milk throughout the day)
- Adrian is fussy from about 5-6pm everyday
- Loves being outside (we try to take him outside during fussy time)
- Adrian got his own pool in the last month and he loves to sit and splash a little everyday. We love it b/c it helps to cool him down.
- Puts weight on his legs and will "stand" with help from us
- If there is a TV on in the room he's in, he'll find it. Richard and I are mean and don't let him watch it yet, with the exception of some Olympic coverage.
- Still a great baby! Only fusses when something is wrong and stops when we've fixed it (excluding from 5-6pm daily).
- Loves to "read" the paper with Dada
- Still adores the cats! If they are in the room with us, Adrian will only pay attention to them. He's started grabbing

Adrian has changed our lives in every way imaginable, but we couldn't love him more!