Friday, November 16, 2012

9 Months!

Today, our little man is 40 weeks old! (Thanks to the weekly emails otherwise I wouldn't know the week count!) Which means, he's almost been outside as long as he was inside. Since he was a week late, we'll celebrate that next week... by taking him to Mexico. Just kidding, we're going for Thanksgiving!

Since I skipped the 8 Month Stats, let's do those first. So at 8 months, Adrian:
- wears size 2 to 3 diapers
- wears size 6 mth and 6-9 mth clothes
- discovered his high pitch squeal (and shared it with everyone on the plane)
- rocking back and forth on all fours and would really like to crawl
- took his first flight (Sept 30th) to San Francisco for Aunty Grace's Wedding to Uncle Kyle
- went to your first wedding (Sept 29th) Jason & Melanie
- got your top tooth - mid Oct and now your second top tooth is coming in as well.
- First ear infection :( a small one

Okay, it's a small list, but that cover the 8th month!

9 Months!
-18.2 lbs (24%) and 29" long (78%)
- Wears size 3 diapers
- Wears size 6, 6-9, and 9 month clothes
- Eczema is finally under control!! Medicine then Aveeno lotion, then vasoline. His elbows are the best they've look in months!
- CRAWLING!! Started on 11/4 by crawling a few inches to Momma, now if he wants to get somewhere he will. Mom and Dad are really having to watch him since we haven't done all the baby-proofing as needed.
- Dying to stand!
- Loves his bath and is now experimenting with putting his face under water. We start swim lessons tomorrow!
- He's mastered his growl and is always jabbering.
- Very inquisitive. We can tell when he's thinking hard about something or trying to figure something out.
- Eats 2 veggies and 2 fruits a day in addition to wheat cereal and ~25 oz of breastmilk!
- Starting to show some stranger anxiety and a preference for a parent at specific times.
- Awesome kiddo!

-No longer being swaddled to sleep but still loves Monkey. We's started sleeping with a blanket at night to keep warm since the temps are beginning to drop.

Friday, November 2, 2012

Halloween 2012

I know.. I missed the 8 month old post. But I have a list of things Adrian was doing at 8 months and I'll just combine 8 and 9 months into one post.

A few weeks prior to Halloween, we went to the pumpkin patch near us (an annual tradition) and picked out the pumpkins. A got the play in the dirt, explore pumpkins, and overall have a great time!
Raspberries with Dada

Picking his pumpkin!

Halloween 2012 = awesome! I had not been this excited for Halloween in a while. My mom made Adrian's costume and as usual, she's amazing!! Adrian was a dragon! We worked on his "ROAR" for weeks and he got pretty good at it, but didn't share it with anyone on Halloween.

Costume debut at Fall Fest

Our church hosts Fall Fest every year for kiddos, so we took Adrian. He was a bit to little this year to participate in many of the activities, but next year will be great! Jumping castles, train rides, truck or treat, games.. etc!

I carved pumpkins the Sunday prior while A was napping and he got to help me finish. He thought using the pumpkin pieces to chew on was pretty great :)

First Pumpkin... "1st Boo"

All the pumpkins.. a bat, traditional face, and "1st Boo"

Greeting the neighborhood kids

Halloween night we took him to a few neighbors to say hi, but didn't trick-or-treat. He helped us answer the door and greet the kiddos in the neighborhood.