Monday, June 24, 2013

Adrian is 16 Months

Well, we goofed as parents and missed Adrian's 15th month doc appointment, so we had a 16 month appointment instead.

We DAILY say that we cannot believe how much Adrian has grown and changed. He is all toddler and such a joy. We're reminding ourselves, that parenting is a daily thing and we need to be consistent with it. We're fortunate that our little man is really pretty easy. On Sat June 15, he had his first temper tantrum... my my, I could hardly hold in my laugh. Adrian pointed his finger at me and yelled "No, No, No!" and stomped his feet. He was mad at me because I would not let him turn my mom's printer on and off a million times and closed him out of the office. We grabbed his hand a led him to the living room to play with something else and he was fine.

He's learning how to communicate with us and loves to go to the playground.

We've been working on sign language with him and it's been great to have that communication tool. Currently, Adrian signs (it seems like he signs more than this, but I can't come up with more):
- please
- thank you
- apple
- keys
- corn
- all done
- eat / hungry
- more
- water

 His vocabulary is starting to take-off as well. He says:
- Momma
- Dadda
- Nandi (Sandi)
- Nana (for Nana, Nanasita, and Banana)
- Bye-bye
- Ca(t)
- Khan
- Quack
- Moo
- Gree (Hungry)
- No
- Woof
- Roar

16 Month Stats:
Weight = 20lbs, 6 oz (11%)
Height = 32 inches (61%)

We love our little man!!

Monday, June 17, 2013

Fathers' Day 2013

Happy 2nd Fathers' Day to Richard!

We had a fun-filled weekend where I feel like we packed 5 days into 2 days. We have Adrian back in swim lessons and he LOVES the pool.... the problem is that the lessons are during nap time so this week, Adrian just about fell asleep on my shoulder in the pool. We talked to our instructor about this and he was able to pull some stings for us to get into the 9am class! Thank you, thank you, Harrison!

Uncle K's bday was on the 12th, so we followed swim (and nap) with a BBQ at my mom's to celebrate. We ended up staying until 7pm with her and even hit up her pool after Adrian's afternoon nap! Both Richard and I were exhausted, so we went home, put A to bed, and took a 20 nap ourselves. We still had lots to do to prep for the next day, so we couldn't just go to bed.

Fathers' Day! We had a great breakfast with Grand-Nana and Nanasita in Boulder. Adrian was so well behaved, we could hardly believe it! Adrian insisted on getting Richard some tools for Father's day, and Dada was happy to get them. Adrian colored a picture and got him some nuts... b/c "I'm Nuts about you Dad" (haha) Thanks Daycare!

Richard and I then sent Adrian home with Nanasita for naps while we headed up to Estes Park for our valentine's day gift of horseback riding. We made a full day out of it and stopped at our wedding venue to walk around and reminisce. We went to some of our favorite Estes locations then hit up the ranch for the ride. We both really enjoyed it and want to take Adrian up. I think he would love the horses and experience.

To finish off the weekend, my Dad came into town for a work meeting, so we grabbed dinner with him. Overall, it was a great weekend to celebrate our Dada!

Also, happy 4 year anniversary Love!