Tuesday, February 25, 2014

2 Years Old

Adrian turned 2 on Feb 10th and I wanted to write down some of the things he says and does so we don't forget. In looking through pics to add since I last posted, there are a ton! I won't include them all :)
Elmo Birthday Cake - Thanks Gaga!

We had his 2 year doc appointment and kiddo is 24.4lbs (9%)  for weight and 34 inches tall (61%). Assuming that you double your height at 2, then Adrian will be approximately 5'10". I suspect he'll be taller than that, but we'll see.
We're at the stage that I can't get a non-blurry pic

Since my last posting, Adrian has taken off in terms of activity and development. He has 2 speeds, running and sleeping. It's rare to catch him in between those 2.
First haircut - 8/25/2013

- has all his teeth!
- can count to 20 (with some help)
- loves the number 8
- knows all his ABC's and points them out. Right now W is a favorite
- knows many shapes: square, triangle, circle, oval, star, heart
- loves Elmo and Callou (tv shows)

Feeding Khan
Favorite books:
- Chicka-Chicka Boom Boom (aka Boom Boom)
- I'll love you forever (aka Grew)
- Oh Baby, Go Baby (aka Baby)
- On the night you were born (aka Bears)

 With Nana
Playing Piano with Aunt Kim

Some of the things he says (so I remember how he said them):
- You me (excuse me)
- Taunk oo (Thank you)
- Nana (banana)
Taking the train this past summer                       Petting Zoo at Broomfield Days

He has started out to be a true 2 year old. We hear almost daily, "No, Mine!" He wants to do everything himself, but he also wants to play with us. The other night, we were playing and Richard changed it up and Adrian told him "No, Look" and pointed to where Daddy was supposed to look.

Pic with Mommy

Allergy testing (round 1) - he was such a champ!

In November, Adrian had an allergic reaction to peanut butter at daycare causing a trip to urgent care. He was fine after some medicine, but it resulted in a trip to the allergist. As we assumed, he is allergic to milk, peanuts, all tree nuts, seasame oil/seeds, cats, and dogs. Poor kiddo - but he did great. They finished the testing and once we got home, I realized they didn't test for the evironmental items, so we had to go back the next day for round 2, again, he did great. We got to watch Elmo while we waited, so Adrian was a happy kid. Since then, we have discovered Sunflower butter as a substitute for peanut/almond butter and we have to read all the ingredient listings on everything! There have been a few times that we've messed this up and caused a minor reaction. Luckily, it's not life threatening if he only has a little bit, but we still have an epi-pen with us all this time.