Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Isabelle is 4 Months Old

Isabelle is 4 months old and we continue to love life with 2 kiddos.

Isabelle rolled from her stomach to her back on Sat 5/28 at home for the first time! Rich and I were so excited. She loves to be around people and won't let us eat dinner at the table without her. We used to let her play in the jungle while we ate, but she now wants to be with the family. Generally shes fine sitting in her teddy boucy chair, but some nights she wants to be held.

Isabelle had her 4 month appointment on 5/31. She weighed 12lbs 13oz (21%) and was 25.25 inches long (81%). She is tall and slender like Daddy and big brother!

Isabelle is:
- wears size 1 diapers
- wears size 3 month clothes
- sleeps from 7/730pm - 615am with a dreamfeed at 1030/11pm
- swaddled for sleeping still
- only takes her paci occassionally - sometimes she doesn't want it to fall asleep. She still struggles to get
- LOVES big brother
- loves to swing side to side with Daddy
- facinated with Khan. If he's around and her eyes find her - she will track him and "talk" to him. She would love to get ahold of his tail to taste. Khan on the other hand, always makes sure he is not within reaching distance
- chats all the time with us
- started having a rash on her shoulders - hoping its not exzema.
- loves sitting at the table with us at dinner
- will put weight on her legs when I'm holding her
- Big toothless grins!
- Starting to show signs of teething - drooling
- enjoys the outdoors
- first pool visit 6/3 and 6/5!

For Mothers' Day this year - we had everyone over to our house and grilled salmon. The kiddos got me flowers and daycare gifts.

P-pa and Gamma visited May 21-23 and we all had a great time with them.

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