Friday, September 30, 2016

8 Months of Little Miss!

Today we celebrate 8 months of our baby girl.

She fits in perfectly with the flow of our family and we're so lucky that she's easy going. She loves getting to explore the house as she crawls everywhere, but fusses when she's done. She knows that she can get Mommy to pick her up pretty easily.

She loves to say "hi" to Daddy in the mornings and "sneak-up" on him in the shower to say hello! She loves getting to pet the kitty and in actually pretty gentle with him. Big brother is by far her favorite and when she wakes up in the morning, she immediately looks for him, She'll stop nuring if she hears him coming and gives him the biggest grin. She does "happy hands" where she claps/rubs her hands together whenever she is happy. Sometimes she also does "happy feet."

She can sleep either on the go or in her crib (thank goodness since we keep busy with brother) and is very social.

P-pa came to visit for a few days this month and everyone loved the time with him. Many cat vidoes were watched and rules bent.

Other highlights:
- wears size 2 diapers
- wears 6 or 9 month clothes
- puts everything in her mouth. She's eaten some paper that I didn't catch,
- Love tennis shoes shoestrings - makes a beeline for them in the house. Also loves to chew on my flip-flops. (I've brought out a never worn pair for her to nom-nom on).
- any toy that Adrian has, she wants
- if a coffee cup is nearby, she will get it
- she's pulling up on us when we play on the floor
- loves to explore the bathroom in the morning while I get ready
- eating is her favorite
- girlfriend loves her paci (more than Adrian did) and her elephant. She's also adopted one of Adrian's monkey's as well

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