Thursday, October 23, 2008

First Snow of the Season!

This week is a big week for me. I'm at my first client in Cripple Creek, Colorado and I saw my first snow of the season.

The first snow of the season is always a happy day for me, mainly because I know that Richard will stay up all night waiting for the snow to start. Since he's still in Boulder this week, and they didn't get any snow I know that he wasn't up all night waiting. When I awoke Wednesday morning though, I knew that Rich would have been so excited to see the snow out my hotel window and even though it's freezing cold, it still makes me happy. Rich is like a little kid in a candy store with the first snow and really any other big weather event - he gets so excited that the excitement spills over and fills me up too :) To my weather loving, fiance - I took this one in for you and knew you'd love to be up here with me.

Today our team is awaiting our client bringing in a 500lbs pumpkin! We can't wait to see it - even though we're not auditing it. It's just a little something different to add to the week here. Last night while at dinner at Rooster's, a very nice steakhouse for the little town, we met the mayor of the town. Quite a nice man but he could tell immediately that we were not from around here - dressed nice, no winter boots, and well we just kinda stick out like a sore thumb compared to the locals.

Friday, October 10, 2008


It is not uncommon for me to be told, "Wow, you give great hugs!" or something along the great hugs. I was thinking about why that was recently and recalled a memory long ago stored away:

In late middle school and into early high school one of my friends, Brooke, from our group of 4, became friends with Chelsea. So as young girls work, we were all "friends" with Chelsea. Chelsea was a very tall slender blond girl, who was always flirting with a new flavor of the week but I was never convinced that she really was or wanted to be friends with the rest of the group. As it was during our friendship we would all give eachother hugs, whether in greeting or just cuz someone needed a hug. But whenever I received a hug from Chelsea, it felt as though it was something she was being forced into. Her hugs were so light, it was as though she didn't want to touch us. Which gave the oppposite effect that I beleive a hug should give. I believe that after receiving a hug, the hugee should feel loved and cared for by the huger. It should bring them joy and if needed comfort. It should be welcoming. After hugging Chelsea, I would feel as though I wasn't good enough, as though she didn't like me, didn't want to touch me, didn't care about me. All the things a hug should never be. So it was then, I made a conscience decision, to give good hugs: Sqeeze tight, hold or a second, and take the time to hug my hugee. I never anyone to feel like I did after receiving a hug from Chelsea, when they receive a hug from me.

I've found that giving "great hugs" makes people happier. It cheers them up and it cheers me up in return to have made someone smile. I think our society often orgets about those little things that can make a person's day. So I use hugs to welcome people I know an care about, to help support my friends, and to show those I love, that I love them.

So my friends, Hug on!