Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Lots and Lots of Wedding Planning

Sara wrote about our cake tasting a few weeks back. It was fun. After that, we had an engagement photo session that Sara won at a bridal show (I'll never make fun of them again). The photographer did an incredible job and we're going to use the company at our wedding. This is where I don't mind spending some extra money - photos are going to be our view into the wedding in the future.

Thankfully, Sara has been busy setting up appointments and looking at things online in her spare time. I've had trouble keeping up with everything.

Since the cake tasting and photo session, we've gone to two florists for quotes (still need to decide on one) , done some gift registry and have looked at all kinds of invitations. We need to decide how to do the invitations/stationery. Companies charge a lot of money to print things. We can buy patterned paper and print them ourselves. The trade-off is obviously the time involved. I'd rather spend my time doing the stationery at home instead of paying someone an exorbitant fee to do it for me.

Now is the time to be looking for and buying decorations too. Prior to Sara's busy season (Jan-Apr), I want a plan in place to set up and execute projects. Getting the materials now would go a long way toward ensuring success of those projects.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Wedding Planning Update

This past Saturday was a huge day for us in terms of planning.... we picked out our cake!! Yummy! Thanks to Mom for joining us as we needed her opinion. Especially since cake isn't Richard's favorite thing. But we picked out some flavors that will please him (and me too!)

After the cake choosing, we had engagement photo's taken. We hadn't planned on doing engagement photos due to the additional cost and that we have so many pics of us already. But 2 weeks ago, I got a phone call saying we were chosen from a drawing I entered at a bridal show. We won a **FREE** Engagement photo session! So last minute (like last Thursday) we decided to have the pics done on Saturday cuz we knew the weather would be beau-ti-ful.. and it was. I was planning on wearing a cute little brown jacket over the shirt, but it was just too hot for that. I love that on Nov 1 in Colorado, we can have 70 degree days.

Monday, November 3, 2008

Our Little Niece is not so Little!

Where did the time go? Really, I remember the 3:30am birth of Emma Jade on Oct 24 three years ago. It seems like yesterday and she isn't even my daughter. Rich was such a tropper for only having dated for a few months. He joined me at Bren's surprise baby shower, almost won the drink out of a bottle game and then stayed at the hospital with us through the entire 24 hour labor. I can't image what it will be like when we have kids - but until then....
Happy Birthday little Emma-Bug! Aunty Sara and Uncle Rich love you to pieces. You are such a little spitfire and you are so sure of what you want. You always make us smile. And while it hasn't been easy to adjust to being a big sister - you are doing a marvolous job.

You're 3!!!!


Not a whole lot of time to blog, but here's us at Halloween. I was a witch and Ricky was V. We went to a party some of my co-workers had at their apartment. We had lots of fun and enjoyed our Crown & Cokes :)