Thursday, August 6, 2009

Oppsites Really do Attract

Point in case: He LOVES thunder storms and I strongly dislike them... thunder scares me. It always has and always will.... especially when I'm home alone at night! I sometimes wonder how I married a man who absolutely loves thunderstorms and lightning and rain and hail and tornadoes!

But really I look at us and I true think opposites attract each other - without even knowing it. Subconsciously, they are what we're not as thus make a good partner in life.

Some of our opposites:
-He's tall (6'4") - I'm short (5'4")
-He's got dark brown hair - I'm a blond
-He's from the city - I'm from the suburbs
-He loves science - me accounting (okay we could argue both are math related)
-He's a dog person - I'm a cat person, but we'll get a dog one day
-He runs OUTSIDE during a thunderstorm - me, well I'd be under-the-bed if I wouldn't get made fun of for the rest of my life
-I'm uber organized and clean, he's not quite as much (but I'm like OCD)

and my current favorite: Sometimes I want/need change - Rich hates all change

When we moved in -
Rich - "Are you sure this is where you want the couches?"
Me - "yes!"

And last week:
"So I think I want to move the couches around..."

Yep, that's me. I like to re-arrange furniture every now and then. Especially when I move into a new place. You have to feel it out to see if it "feels right." So, right now, it doesn't feel right.

We haven't yet moved the couches :)


(note: this was supposed to be posted mid July... and when I went to change the date, it pushed it back to 2008 -- YIKES)

Was fabulous!

Richard and I made a deal about a year ago, that whenever we got married, I would plan the wedding and he would plan the honeymoon.... and that the honeymoon would be a surprise. So on June 11, we were married and it was everything that I've always wanted. I felt gorgeous, Richard was extremely good looking in the tux (I wasn't sure about the black shirt with white tie ... but it was awesome) and we had a blast. We got to see friends (went to fast) and got to swing dance ( I didn't keep my frame well but we had fun), really it was perfect. From the feedback we've received everyone also had a great time ... but people always tell you that. Then that night we got hooked up at a local hotel, the Omni... with Champagne and chocolate covered strawberries.

The next morning, we did what any new married couple would do.... went home and mowed the lawn! I know romantic, right? But it needed to be done before we left and we always do it together. It also gave us (read Richard) time to finish packing and prepping for the honeymoon.

SAT AM - we go to the airport and I find out we're going to Tampa, FL. I'm thinking, really Tampa? Why Tampa of all the places for a surprise honeymoon. But I keep my thoughts to myself cuz who knows what Richard has planned...

We arrive in Tampa, get on a shuttle bus and head downtown to our hotel. During the shuttle ride the driver is asking all kinds of questions and I learn that no, we're not in town to go on a cruise, while we are here for the beaches we're staying just about as far away from them as we could get and we didn't rent a car ... interesting honey!

So we go to a nice dinner that night since it is our honeymoon and all... there Richard breaks down and tells me that we are in deed GOING ON A CRUISE!!!! And not just any cruise, but a Western Caribbean 7 day Cruise to Grand Cayman, Belize, and Isla Roatan, Honduras! Couldn't have been a better place for our honeymoon.

We just got on the boat and thy handed us drinks!

Cruising around on the boat, checking things out

We spent much time sitting in these chairs, reading, napping and laughing

Dancing in the club :)

Port #1 - Grand Cayman Island

We went snorkeling here ... look how clear it is.

Port #2 - Belize

Sharing a Coke over lunch

Mayan Ruins of Belize

Port #3 - Roatan Island - Honduras
Our favorite!

Swimming with Dolphins


More Dolphin kisses

The best beach EVER!

Last day on the boat

Every night at dinner our steward would make a towel animal, but on the last night we got a heart. He must have figured out we were honeymooning.
My favorite animal of the trip was the monkey - he was awesome!

Florida Aquarium - We spent our last day here until we had to go to the airport. It was an amazing honeymoon! Way to go Rich!