Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Freedom and Beauty

This weekend Hub and I were chatting and somehow we got on the subject of weight (for about 3 mins max). Richard as always weighed less than me so I've never really openly shared my weight with him. Since we got married, he's added a few pounds (so have I), but I still out-weigh him.

Anyway... this weekend I told him my weight. I'm not proud of it and want it to be different, but telling him made me feel so FREE! And his reaction made me feel more beautiful then ever:

Him: "You weight what? That's not possible"

Me: "yep, it's true"

Him: "where do you hide it?"

Me: I just smiled, knowing that my husband is absolutely amazing!

Friday, July 2, 2010

Letters to Me

I'm joining the bandwagon that a saw on one of the blogs I enjoy - Letters to Me.

Dear Sara (age 3):
You're a new big sister. Help mom out and as your sister grows pick on her less. She'll be your best friend before you know it.

Dear Sara (age 10):
You're going to get glasses this year. Please look in the mirror before picking them out. You once thought they were cool, but you'll learn that you REALLY miss being able to see without them. Oh yea - they don't make you look like a dork nor do they define you as one. Be your own person. And remember to Laugh often!

Dear Sara (age 11):
Welcome to middle school! Warning - it sucks and you hate it - but you do well in school. You'll get your first visit from Aunt Flo' the first week of middle school and Mom will be out of town. I know it's embarrassing to ask Dad to take you to the store, but he'll do it and you live through it. PLEASE don't start trying to shape your eyebrows on your own. It will be a disaster and you'll spend years trying to get them to look right. Tell your parents you love them more! You'll start to notice boys in the next few years. You don't need them - focus more on cultivating your friendships. Laugh often!

Dear Sara (age 16):
Your driving! Remember to always turn on your headlights at night (you escape that ticket, but it's rather embarrassing). You're more of a homebody and you love to spend time with your family. Your parents will worry that you don't have friends or a good hobby and will suggest you take flying lessons. You love it, but can't seem to shake the motion sickness. Enjoy the flights, but know when it's time to quit. You have a great group of friends - spend more time with the girls developing the friendship - the boys will fade throughout the next few years. Laugh often!

Dear Sara (age 18):
Off to collage. Please try to release your grip over everything and not be so controlling. Make friends with the girls in your hall. You'll regret that you never got close to anyone. That boy (you know who), please don't spend to much time with him. He'll hurt your heart. Even though his actions do not match his words - he will hurt you and you'll feel like you wasted your time and will carry that scar into the future. Laugh often!

Dear Sara (age 20):
Take the job! You'll gain great experience and meet the man who you will fall head over heels for. Enjoy this time. It's the best summer of your life. Laugh often!

Dear Sara (age 21):
You're intuition is correct - in June your parents will announce that they are getting a divorce and have been "separated" for the past 9 months. Yes, they hide it very well. Lean on your boyfriend and be there for your sister. It's okay to grieve this divorce and you need to. Laugh often!

Dear Sara (age 24):
This is a big year for you. You got engaged last summer and couldn't be happier. It was a great move to move in with mom before you get married as you'll be able to buy a house. You get married this year. As your planning the wedding, stick to your wants and take care of telling people what needs to be told early! It will save you many headaches in the future. The wedding is beautiful. For pictures, don't hold the back of your dress because you don't want it to get dirty or wet (it rains that day by the way, but clears up for your ceremony and pictures) - you'll wish you did in the future. Laugh often!