Saturday, September 27, 2008

Intro and Planning

I've meant to post things here since Sara created the site, which I thought was an awesome idea. I decided today to do just that. I couldn't be more excited to begin a family with Sara. I'm excited to join her family and hope she's excited to join mine (more friends than blood, really). The place we're having the marriage ceremony is beautiful. Tux styles and colors were chosen, leading to the primary color being burgundy, which as Sara said looks really good with us. I thought I would wear more of it, but I guess that's not the way these things work...

We want to get registered for stuff and decided to start by taking pictures of things so we can look at them at our leisure and plan our future place out now. We started with the bedroom. Yikes! We have very different thoughts on what a bedroom should contain, let alone the style and look of it. Good thing we decided to talk about these things before registering. I'm glad Sara wants my opinion and isn't just choosing everything for us, even though I giver her a hard time while we're looking.

So we have a few ideas in mind for room themes and am working on negotiating what's in and what's out of our future bedroom. We looked through some kitchen things while we were out. That was much nicer - we have similar opinions on styles. We both prefer classic looks to dishes and silverware, things that will still look nice in 10, 20 and 30 years. Maybe a cafe theme for the kitchen? There's so much to look through and decide! It's all very overwhelming...

The week continued to be busy as we did some looking for wedding bands. I settled on a nice piece. Our preference for a classy/elegant look is in direct contrast to jeweler's attempts to put as much stuff into one ring as possible, be it the engagement ring or the wedding ring. So finding something for Sara proved to be a little tougher. We left with some ideas, but no ring yet for her.
The next night, we went to a presentation from a crystal/china company. It turned out better than I thought it would. We decided on some very nice cookware, knives, a casual china dining set, a couple of crystal glasses and some very nice toasting glasses! We'll start out good, that's for sure.

Amazingly, not every retailer has a good selection of bedding options, as we found out this morning. Too girly, thank you very much. It looks like we'll take a closer look at options from Location #1 before making a decision.

There's tons of choices to make still. One at a time...

Friday, September 26, 2008

Dress Up!

When I was a little girl, I would always go into my mom's closet and come out wearing her heals. I LOVED getting all dressed up in her things whether fancy or pretending that I had to go to work. I always thought it so sophisticated to get to wear a suit to work and be a grown-up.

Now after 4 weeks working, I still feel like I get to dress up everyday and I still love it. Something about wearing heals and knowing that you look nice, always puts me in a good mood. It's also a big transition from my college days of jeans and huddies or whatever shirt I grabed from my closet. Not to say that I was a slob in college, I just always worn jeans and sneakers rather than dress pants and heals.

I smile every morning as I get off the 16th street mall bus and walk 1 1/2 blocks to my office. I'm still just a little girl at heart, playing dress up with Mom's shoes.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Job Update

So I've just spent the last 3 weeks training with MP. Last week I was in St Charles, IL and was learning how to audit cash and accounts payable. A training that could probably have been done in 3 days rather than 5. They are working on re-vamping the training process, but in the end, I am a firm believer that you're not going to learn how to use a piece of software unless you are actively using it in the real world. It is there, that I'll start to learn what is overall happening and the short cuts. In a training room with 40 other people, you can only learn so much.

This week was my first full week in Denver! I LOVE taking the bus. I don't have to worry about parking, driving, road rage, or any of that other stuff. I just show up, get on, then either read or nap :)

We did more training but more applicable to the Denver office and more geared to what I would really need to know. Instead of having a partner who rarely actively uses the software teach us, we have a person a level above us do it and she knows her shit about the stuff. Everything was useful and practical.

All to say I'm having FUN!

And the color choice is...

BURGUNDY for our wedding.

I realize that being a June wedding, burgundy isn't the popular color choice as it's more of a winter shade, but it looks good on both Rich and I and we think it'll look really classy :)

So now we have a date, location, and color..... now onto the smaller details.

Friday, September 5, 2008

My New Job

So I know it's been a while since I last blogged. And in that time I have:
- Moved ... the cats love having another person to serve them and sleep on :)
- Started New Job
- Went to Des Moines for training.

So I'm now sitting in yet another orientation and well... I'm bored. Starting a new job while is fun, includes lots of little HR things and general training. I've now been an official employee for 3 days and really haven't gotten to get my feet wet. But that happens... it's really a learn as you go job. I do get to know to Chicago next week for more training, and when I say Chicago, I really mean close to it, but won't be able to go to the city at all. Anyway who knows what we'll learn so it could be fun!