Thursday, August 25, 2011

Week 17 - With Belly Pics

How far along? 17 Weeks

Size of the baby? Baby weighs about 5 oz and is about 5 inches long. Last week the weekly update said that baby was about to start a growth spurt and man o'man baby did just that. I can't get enough sleep. Every night this week, I've gone home and taken a little nap or just laid down for 20 mins.

Maternity Clothes? No change from last week - I'm still holding out. I've borrowed a few pairs of pants from my mom since we're about the same size but she still has some that will work. I've also borrowed some shirts from her!

Gender? We'll let you know in February!

Movement? I think I felt a little movement the other night while going to bed. I felt something that I've never felt before so that must be baby, right?

Sleep? great. I just want more of it.

Cravings? Sweets and wanting to bake. I haven't done any baking, just have the desire .. maybe some zucchini bread is in my future with all the stuff from the garden.

Symptoms? Ok.. I'll admit it.. I'm getting a little forgetful at times.

Best Moment of the Week? Feeling the baby move!

13 weeks

14 Weeks

(Pretend you see a 15 week photo... it's on a different camera)

16 Weeks

17 Weeks - I haven't taken one yet.. so you'll just have to wait :)

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Week 16 Update

It's Thursday, so that means a weekly update:

How far along? 15 Weeks

Size of the baby? About the size of an avocado and about to start a growth spurt

Maternity Clothes? Still holding out. I've borrowed a few pairs of pants from my mom since we're about the same size - so I raided her closet for a few of the slightly bigger pants she has... I forgot how many of the same work pants we have. I guess the same great taste my mom has didn't pass me up.

Gender? We'll let you know in February!

Movement? Nothing yet. Supposedly some women can start to feel their baby at 16 weeks - but not me.

Sleep? great. I just want more of it.

Cravings? Muffins! It drove me nuts yesterday b/c the cafeteria had closed all the breakfast items by the time the craving came around, so I waited patiently and went to Kings after work (and only ate 1 of the 4 muffins I bought). I've also been craving bad Mexican food, not the good stuff, but the bean burrito with cheese type of stuff.

Symptoms? None.. though Richard says I'm starting to get "mush brain." I don't buy that

Best Moment of the Week? Not baby related, but catching up with friends I haven't seen in WAY to long. Loved getting drinks with the ladies (them = beer, me = shirley temple, what? can't I enjoy a pink fruity beverage too). Oh yeah, we got our cameras back from my sis who borrowed them last week. SO... that means I can actually download the pics on there to share.. think weekly baby bump pics that don't really look like I have much of a bump :)

Thursday, August 11, 2011

15 Week Update

Pregnancy Highlights
How far along? 15 Weeks

Size of the baby? My weekly baby update says baby is 4 inches long and weighs 2.5 ounces - about the size of an apple!

Maternity Clothes? Not quite yet. My pants are getting a little snug in the tummy, but I'm holding out as long as possible.

Gender? We'll let you know in February!

Movement? Nothing yet. In our last ultasound at 13 weeks, we could see the baby sucking his/her thumb.

Sleep? great. I just want more of it.

Cravings? My sweet tooth has been kicked into high gear. I'm trying to subdue it with grapes and other natural sugars to be more healthy for baby.

Symptoms? I'm one of the lucky ones and haven't had any true symptoms - Richard is getting all of them for me. He's eating like he's 16 again and has nausea anytime I feel a little nausea.

Best Moment of the Week? My mom and Richard painted the nursery! It was a baby boy blue because the people we bought the house from were having a baby boy, but the room never really fit us. Now the neutral color makes the room feel more like us. I can't wait to really get things set up - though we'll wait for a while, we still have 6 months to go!

A Little Catch-up and Announcement

Hey All!

It's been a while... so let's do a little re-cap of the last year, shall we? Bullet format of course because I like that:

- We met G's new boyfriend (we'll call him K) and loved him. He came to our annual CU vs CSU football BBQ and fit right in. Richard realized just how much he missed having another male in the family when we were all hanging out. He loves my Dad, but we rarely see him.

- Our best man's wedding in northern New York. Right on the lake. Beautiful... a little chilly, and a little early to see the fall leaves of the east coast (bucket list item for both of us).

- We flew to Chicago to celebrate my Dad's marriage to J! We love J and I especially love how happy she makes my dad. They fit well together. Only problem is her job is in the Chicago area - so we don't see them as often as I'd like. They do come out a few times a year and I love that :) While out there I think we became the CRAZY Colorado family (think car bombs, my Dad's first, and other shots)

- Thanksgiving in Mexico!

- Christmas at home with family. We've kept our Christmas Day visiting to 3 locations and think we're finally figuring out how to manage all our family and adopted families. I say adopted b/c Richard has many families from his childhood who are like sudo-parents and we continue to be close with.

- January - May = Busy season. I don't remember too much (haha!) but did decide that I could not do another one. I miss my life/friends/family too much.

- Mid February, K tells me that he has a travel request for Richard and I. I also need to help distract G so K and my mom can go shopping together.. thinking bling yet?? They got engaged!!

- Crazy auntie week! My mom's sisters are amazing women with vibrant personalities. When you get them all together it's craziness that we LOVE, so whenever they come to visit, we dub the week - Crazy Auntie Week. Lots of cards are played, laughter laughed, life lived, and a few bottles of Crown Royal are drank.

- Job changes - both of us and both ultimately good, but we're still waiting to see some of the good.

- And last of all...... We're Pregnant! Baby B is due to arrive 2/2/2012.